I always had a passion for visual creations, being drawn to design and color.

I remember rearranging my family's furniture and hanging their draperies.

As an adult, I signed up for an oil painting class.

When I went home and dropped my paint on the carpeting, that was it for many years.

One day, I passed an art supply store and something pulled me in. I told the owner of my urge to paint and he suggested I go to the Art Student's League. I proceeded to do that and was advised to take a particular class. I told the instructor that I did not know what I wanted to paint and he told me to get a small box of pastels and newsprint.

When I went in and saw that most people were painting a live model, I knew that was not the place for me, but I did create my first pastel painting of a landscape that I had photographed and that was the beginning of my love for the pastel medium.

Again, not knowing much, I was advised to go to The Pastel Society of America to take classes.

I met very talented teachers who lamented they were having difficulty selling their paintings. I offered to try to help and went to an art gallery/framing store that I knew. They weren't interested in dealing with a rep, but when I told them I was painting, they asked to see my work. I guess they liked it. They offered to take down all the paintings in their gallery and gave me my first ever show.

That started my art career. Not wanting to brag, but I have had many shows since and even taught pastel classes, one place being The Pastel Society of America. More of that is in my bio, but it goes to show, you never know where life leads you. Follow your passion.